Projector Remotes – Get Close To Your Audience

Get closer to your audience when you use one of the
many cool remote presentation tools that are now
available at very reasonable prices:

Kensington wireless presentation indoor/outdoor remote with laser

Effective from up to 100 ft. indoor and 50 ft. outdoors, the Kensington wireless
presentation remote is compatible with most multimedia projectors, PC’s and
laptops. Includes a lower powered laser pointer. Retails for about $99.

Honeywell Power Presenter Wireless Remote Control

While not as sleek in design as the Kensington, it is just as effective. It
also has a working range from 100 ft. indoors, has a built in laser pointer plus 128
flash memory. Retails for about $119.

Mustang Presentation Remote

This 3-in-1 omni-direction wireless remote is effective at over 100 ft. indoors. It
functions as a remote device, a wireless mouse and a laser pointer. It requires no
additional software and uses easy-to-set up USB technology. Retails for about $80

RCA Presentation Remote Control

A more sophisticated remote presentation tool that actually includes motion sensors
that moves the onscreen cursor as you move the remote. It has multi-receiver
functionality allowing you to use two remotes simultaneously (tag team
presentations anyone?) This tool is more compatible with PC presentations than
with MAC. Retails for about $160.

Keyspan Presentation Remote

A more budget-conscious option, the Keyspan presentation remote works from up
to 40 feet indoors and includes a laser printer and mouse control. Just plug it into
your USB port and you are up and running. A choice of “Presentation Magazine” for
its full feature set at an affordable price. Retails for about $50.

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