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Running the Incompatible Socket.io Versions At The Same Time Is Making The Impossible Possible

Introduction Socket.IO is commonly used for real-time, bidirectional and event-based communication. This library played a key role in OpenSooq’s successful Chat service providing tons of leads to our users. In OpenSooq, we have a lot of services managed internally and upgrading outdated technologies can improve business efficiency and help us gain a competitive edge. However,
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Testing Android Deep Linking at OpenSooq

In OpenSooq, delivering a high-quality product is of utmost importance. To accomplish this goal, we use automated testing to catch bugs before they reach our users. One of the challenges that we face every release is testing deep linking. The main goal of clicking on notification by users is getting the content they want to see. However, the
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Top 3 Gaming Laptops at Affordable Prices

In this world of advanced technology there are many gadgets that are available in this market but one of the most picked products by many of them are gaming laptops. Most of the people look for gaming laptops where you can get better graphics and features with high speed and many other specifications. Gaming laptop
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